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The intelligent incubator that turns data into maximum hatchery performance




Petersime’s new X-Streamer™ brings incubator intelligence and performance to the next level. The X-Streamer™ is the first intelligent incubator that turns data into maximum hatchery performance. It knows which eggs are on board and uses this knowledge to help you maximise incubation performance, while minimising operational costs. 


This ensures you get the best economic return out of your hatchery; not just right now, but during its entire lifetime. Maximum profit for life is what we stand for.  



With thousands of Petersime incubators in operation around the globe, the X-Streamer™ integrates the advantages of its predecessors with new, business-changing features. It is the X-Streamer™’s unique combination of these X factors that ensures you will get the most out of your hatchery:

Built-in intelligence-03.png
1. Built-in intelligence

At the heart of the X-Streamer™ is a powerful, simple-to-use software that turns data into maximum hatchery performance. The software allows you to know which eggs are on board and to take complete and precise control over every step of your hatchery operations in a self-learning way. This ensures you get full peace of mind while, at the same time, making working procedures simple and error-free for operators of all skill levels. 

2. Unique Embryo-Response Incubation™ technology

Every X-Streamer™ is equipped with Petersime’s patented Embryo-Response Incubation™ technology. By mimicking how a parent bird listens and responds to the signals of the embryo, Embryo-Response Incubation™ leads to optimum hatchability, chick quality and post-hatch performance, while also safeguarding bird welfare. 

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3. Designed for minimum operational costs

Both the equipment design and the materials used get the attention they deserve at Petersime. The X-Streamer™ stands for maximum user-friendliness, high energy efficiency, optimum biosecurity and low maintenance


This is why X-Streamer™ makes all the difference for you:

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